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Steve Smith

Universe of Origin: “American Dad” with Marvel Universe serum enhancement.

Voiced By: Scott Grimes.

Appearance: A more muscular version of the original Steve Smith with no glasses, though he sometimes pulls a Clark Kent.

Affiliation: None, but looking for a team.

Base: None at present.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physique due to serum enhancement, enhanced intellect. Current limits unknown.

Weaknesses: Lack of training, Stan’s upbringing and brainwashing leaving mental trauma, slight overconfidence.


His past prior to arrive on the Line is unknown, but presumed to be largely identical to that of most alts of him. After he and his family landed on the Line, his father brainwashed him and a re-humaned Klaus, and, after the CHIMERA attack, managed to find a hidden stash of super soldier serum and steal it.

Stan then used the serum to make himself and Steve into super soldiers, trying to regain his popularity after being fired from the CIA for being a reckless idiot after his arrival. Luckily, the agents tracking the vials managed to follow him to the warehouse where they were staying and apprehend him.

Steve was then thoroughly de-programmed by SHIELD, who are currently looking for a hero team to place him with.

Personality: Steve is much like many of his alts, intelligent, stereotypically geeky, but his brainwashing (as well as Stan’s parenting methods), and the serum have thrown things into turmoil. He’s excited about being a hero, sure, but he still has some residual trauma to work though before he’s ready to even think about joining the big leagues.
My first entry into the Coreline Jam contest.
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June 12, 2016
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