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Marie Wakeman

Other Names: XJ-4

Universe of origin: MLaaTR

Species: Sentient Android

Affiliation: Her Family

Appearance: Marie's default outfit is highly reminiscent of a maid uniform, and her other major distinguishing feature is her extra set of arms.

Personality: Marie is obsessed with cleaning, to the point that she would do so even if the city was burning around her. Unlike most of her siblings, she's even opted to not attend school, and stays home to maintain the homestead in their absence, usually assisting their mother. She is also very grateful to Sheldon for the upgrade, and she's taken it upon herself to "take care of him." From his room to his clothes... even his teeth and posture.

Powers and Abilities:

Robotic Physiology: As a sentient android of the XJ series, she has superhuman capabilities such as strength, speed, durability, intelligence and flight, as well as an assortment of built in weaponry and tools that seems to be more than should logically be contained inside their bodies, which can shift and rearrange to deploy said weapons.

Multiple Limbs: Has two sets of arms, allowing her a greater ease at multitasking than her sisters.

Walking Pit Crew: Is equipped with everything she needs to make on-the-spot repairs and maintenance for her sisters, allowing them to jump back into the fray fresh and shiny.

Cleaning Equipment: Has numerous devices for cleaning and repair built into her frame, like a vacuum.


Cleaning Obsession: Is totally obsessed with cleanliness, and is often cleaning and polishing whatever she can get her hands on.
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October 31, 2016
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