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Joy Wakeman

Other Names: XJ-1

Universe of origin: MLaaTR

Species: Sentient Android

Affiliation: Her Family

Appearance: Blue and white color scheme, with clear hard plastic on the limbs, and blue “hair” with two small pigtails. She wears a backwards baseball cap, a tank top, shorts, and sneakers.

Powers and Abilities:

Robotic Physiology: As a sentient android of the XJ series, she has superhuman capabilities, as well as an assortment of built in weaponry.

Agility: Her body was designed to be particularly agile compared to her sisters.

Teleportation: Her body was built around reverse engineered Cluster space-warping technology, allowing her to teleport out of scrapes.


Fragile Speedster: Less armored than average for her siblings, and she has fewer weapons as well.

Immaturity: Turns out acting like a baby for years can leave one a bit immature. Who knew?


Joy was the earliest of the XJ line, but for the longest time her time was mostly spent inactive in the basement of the Wakeman home, and the little time she spent awake was as an egg-like robot with an infant-like mind.

This all changed when Jenny convinced Dr. Wakeman to upgrade all of her sisters fully, and Joy was transferred over to a new body that finally allowed her the freedom of movement and expression she never had before.

Personality: Joy is a tomboy through and through, with seemingly limitless energy. Although her body has been upgraded to allow her to express herself and grow mentally, she’s still quite the big baby sometimes.
My second Coreline Jam entry. Original character design and image by Festum, used with permission.
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June 12, 2016
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