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Name: Jenny Wakeman

Other names: XJ 9

Universe of origin: MLaaTR

Species: Sentient Android

Affiliation: Her Family

Appearance: Save for an "XJ-9" stamp on her upper left arm, Jenny is mostly the same as she was in the show.

Personality: Jenny is about the same as she was in the show, but slightly wiser and more mature due to being a full-time big sister now.

Powers and Abilities:

Robotic Physiology: As a sentient android of the XJ series, she has superhuman capabilities such as strength, speed, durability, intelligence and flight, as well as an assortment of built in weaponry and tools that seems to be more than should logically be contained inside their bodies, which can shift and rearrange to deploy said weapons.

Versatility: She has, by far, the most versatile array of tools and weaponry of all of the X-J line, making her the "Jill of all stats", so to speak. If there's a kind of tool or weapon that exists, it's likely Jenny has some version of it.

Experience: Jenny may technically have been built after the rest of her sisters, but she is considered the "older" sister because they have been inactive for most of that time, and thus Jenny is their senior in world saving and interacting with humans.


Overwhelming arsenal size: Jenny's arsenal is simply so "large" and varied that she often had trouble remembering everything that exists in it.

Desire for acceptance: Some of Jenny's problems have been caused as a result of her desire to be accepted by the other teenagers of Tremmorton overriding her common sense.
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October 31, 2016
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