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Jane Wakeman


Universe of origin: MLaaTR

Species: Sentient Android

Affiliation: Her Family

Appearance: Jane's new body is similar to Jenny's, but with flame patterns all over it. She also has the number 6 stamped on her left arm just below the shoulder.

Personality: Jane is... a spiteful, jealous, bitter, self-centered brat. And those are her more flattering qualities. Her whole existence is based around her enormous inferiority complex and her motivations and actions are all reactions to that simple fact. ESPECIALLY with Jenny, "Mom's favorite." The only sibling she tolerates in XJ-7 for never out staging her. Although even *that* relationship is on shaky ground depending on Jane's mood.

Powers and Abilities:

Robotic Physiology: As a sentient android of the XJ series, she has superhuman capabilities such as strength, speed, durability, intelligence and flight, as well as an assortment of built in weaponry and tools that seems to be more than should logically be contained inside their bodies, which can shift and rearrange to deploy said weapons.

Stealth: Her body has a number of stealth and infiltration systems, from invisibility to intangibility.


Ego: Her attitude means none of her sisters can stand her for very long, making it hard to work with her.
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October 31, 2016
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