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Frances “Fran” Wakeman

Other Names: XJ-5

Universe of origin: MLaaTR

Species: Sentient Android

Affiliation: Her Family

Appearance: Fran wears a jacket over her metal body. Her most unique feature is that she always has her legs are always retracted to expose her flight jets.

Personality: Fran, as a result of her limited mobility early on, talks endlessly, saying the first thing that pops into her mouth with no filter.

Powers and Abilities:

Robotic Physiology: As a sentient android of the XJ series, she has superhuman capabilities such as strength, speed, durability, intelligence and flight, as well as an assortment of built in weaponry and tools that seems to be more than should logically be contained inside their bodies, which can shift and rearrange to deploy said weapons.

Flight: All the sisters have flight capacities, but Fran flies constantly.

Strategic Thinking and Analysis: Can take in the chaos of battle and find exactly what the team needs to do to win.

Sonic attacks: Can emit devastating sonic blasts.


Motor Mouth: Her constant chatter often gets on the nerves of her family and friends, and makes it hard for her to be stealthy.

Lack of familiarity with legs : Hardly ever spending any time using her legs means that she is somewhat clumsy when forced to use them.

Physical Weakness: Is the most physically underwhelming of her sisters.
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October 31, 2016
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