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A young woman made of white and blue colored metal stood in front of a group of eight other female androids, most of which were covered in ashes and pieces of debris, the only exception being the four-armed one, who was obsessively cleaning herself, despite having gotten almost all of it off already, and looked a few minutes away from starting on the others, with a few in particular looking quite sheepish.  The first android was Jenny Wakeman, XJ-9 if you wanted her serial number, and the others were her siblings, X-Js 1-8.

“I get called by Mom to help deal with a problem that turned out to be an attack by a Mr. Scruffles alt and his cronies, and you’ve wrecked the Fourth of July fireworks by the time I get back,” she groaned, taking noticeable effort to keep herself from facepalming, instead choosing to rub her equivalent of temples. “I left you guys alone for about fifteen minutes, heck, it wasn’t even that long, what even happened!?”

“Don’t blame me,” Jane Wakeman, XJ-6, griped, crossing her arms in a huff and turning her head away. “I was minding my own business, telling some girl how much better I am compared to Jenny,” prompting an eye roll from her long suffering sisters, “when the fireworks started going off like crazy. It was probably Beth’s fault, I think I saw her hiccuping.”

“No!” Beth Wakeman, XJ-2, said to Jenny, waving her arms in front of her as her siblings started to turn to her. “I only started hiccuping AFTER the fireworks started going off in my face.”

“Well maybe it was Fran then,” Jane deflected again, this time to the hovering XJ-5, who was looked ready to burst from lack of talking. “She’s always using her rockets to fly, so she probably messed up again and lit the fireworks”.

Fran replied, but besides the initial denial that she had been flying at all, Nora having forewarned her about doing so when they had initially volunteered to set up the display, forcing her to walk around for a change, despite her lack of practice doing so lately, her siblings all tuned it out as she rambled on and on.

The other sister’s responses were the same, denial that they had done anything to set off the fireworks, with Marie even taking a moment to stop her obsessive cleaning to point out that she would never try and CAUSE a mess. All the while, they were unaware of a small figure watching them from under a bush…

“Darn watch!” the mutated lab mouse muttered as he glared at the banged-up  wristwatch besides him. “If you were more accurate, I would have set the fireworks off in time, and Wakeman would be no more! But at least I humiliated those chrome losers! Ha ha ha…?”

Looking up at his sudden shade cover, the minion of Mr. Scruffles, or Vladimir as he preferred, could only squeak in terror at the sight of ALL the XJs glaring at him. In fact, that’s all he had TIME to do, besides silently lament gloating loudly in the presence of robots who evidently had enhanced hearing, before they pounced like a horde of cats!

“I hate those robots,” he muttered as he was carted away to jail. “We know!” shouted his compatriots sharing the paddy wagon. “We know”.
My entry into the Coreline Jam. 
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August 16, 2016


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