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Over the town, a blue streak shot through the sky at blinding speeds, heading for a large house on the outskirts of the city, with a large backyard half-filled with a grove of trees, the tops dusted in snow. Upon reaching the ground, it slowed down and landed with ease, revealing itself to be a slightly older alternate of the robotic teen and superheroine, Jenny Wakeman/X-J9.

“Mom, I’m home,” she said loudly as she walked up to the door and entered the house. “Turns out that it was a false alarm, just a Godzilla Junior that got lost. Mom? You home?”

Not getting an answer, she creeped down to the basement to find her creator/mother crouched over her lab table, apparently engrossed in an experiment again. Rolling her cybernetic eyes, she walked over to the table and lightly tapped the scientist on the shoulder in an attempt to snap her out of her trance.

“Aah!” Nora Wakeman said, jumping about three feet straight up into the air. “Don’t startle me like that X-J9, my heart nearly stopped!”

“I’m sorry mom, but you were zoned out in your work again,” Jenny said with a long-suffering roll of her artificial eyes. “Do you know where my sisters are? Everyone’s going to be coming over for dinner soon and we need to get ready.”

“Tria was out in the forest getting some air last time I checked, Marie said she was going to make sure Sheldon was presentable, Joy and Beth were going to work on their “secret clubhouse”, and Mattie was going to do some training in the simulator room. I don’t know where the others are.”

“Thanks mom,” Jenny said as she lifted off once again. “Just make sure everything is ready when Brad and Tuck get here!”

“Tria, Joy, Beth! Do you read me? You better not have your comm units off again, you know how mad mom gets when you don’t keep the channels open in case of emergencies! Hello?” she called out as she flew over the forest to where Joy and Beth’s “secret” clubhouse was. Spotting a glint of metal in between the snow tipped trees, she flew down to find  her sister X-J3, also known as Tria Wakeman.

Tria, ever the nature lover like their aunt Wisteria, was currently using one of her detachable hands, her entire body being modular, to hold up seed to to a bird, who finished and flew away as Jenny came down for a landing.

“Hello Jenny, what are you doing here,” she asked as her voice trailed off. “Oh no, I didn’t loose track of time again, did I?”

“A little, but I’m also looking for Joy and Beth, they’re supposed to be working on their clubhouse, but I haven’t seen them yet, have you,” Jenny asked as she used her scanners to try and find the energy signatures of her other two sisters.

“Not in a while, I wanted to be alone and I asked them to keep their distance, sorry,” Tria apologized, adjusting her skirt so it wouldn’t get snagged on a branch and knock her down as she got up. “I have heard them over there though,” she pointed.
PsionicsKnight Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2016  Student Writer
Wow! Great job. It's really nice to see you have expanded and done your own thing here on DA!

Also: I love this concept. My Life as a Teenage Robot was a great show and I think this is going to be an interesting scene.
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